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Where to Sell Your photos and Art Online

Where to Sell Your photos and SArt Online

I had accumulated thousand of photos and I finally decided to put them to work f or me in in Online galleries.

I had heard about the  the rapid growth of buying and selling art and photography in online galleries,so I decided that NOW the time to consider a serious ONLINE marketing strategy to sell my photos of my pets,vacations,travel art,family for extra profits and recognition.

As Edgar Degas observed:

“Art is not what you see see,but what you make others SEE.” ….ow could he have known that ONLINE galleries may be the ideal medium to promote yourself and sell MORE of your art and photography-worldwide 24/7?

Do you know that some estimates suggest buying artworks online may account for half (50% ) of all arts sales in the near future?

Simply,take a look at recent developments about selling art online:

* Christie’s Auciton House, NYC, announced selling art online to reach a broader worldwide,WSJ Marketplace Sept 6,2012

* Costco sells more art ONLINE than in their aisles:New York Times:Shopping List:Tuna Detergent,a Warhol? Oct 21,2012

* October 26,the Washington Post reports INCREASE in younger art collectors and philanthropist

I heard about the Art Marketing Agency and how they help people sell their pictures in online galleries in an article in the

The Boston Globe:

They said they even had one gallery they work with in France that has registered art buyers and has 2 millions to their website a month.

A recent article includes statistics from a recent IBIS Research about the rapid growth of buying and selling artworks ONLINE

So I wondered,what contributed to the Rapid Growth in Buying and Selling Art ONLINE?

i found out there are many  other reasons buying online made sense including

the easy and increased (worldwide) access to the Internet:worldwide 24/7

and importantly their RETURN Policies:

Seems today’s ONLINE galleries allow the Buyers to buy and evaluate the artworks in their home or office and return it -they simply pay shipping and restocking fees….

I visited the Agency website and liked what I saw. I also liked that they do “all the work.”

I simply send them the jpeg photos with a description and the size and prices I reuire and they do all the rest.

Immediately I noticed alot more “visitors”to my website and even got name to follow with for future sales.

I look forward to a day when I can show my family my first check or my namein print as a photo credit.

Heres the link to the Art Marketing Agencies Photographer Inflammation  link:

Good luck and why not put your photos to work for you?

Start selling your Family & Travel photos today

email: bestartmarketing@gmail.comImageImage