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7 Myths (Debunked) about Selling Art ,Photography and Visual Art in today’s Online fine art marketplace

7 Myths (debunked) about Selling Art ,Photography and Visual Art in today’s Online fine art marketplace

Common misconceptions about selling one’s art and photography online may hold visual artist back from artwork sales and marketing success in today’s online marketplace. Since estimates are that 1/2 of ALL artwork sales will be made online, successful visual artist need a strategy to develop exposure and sales from the Internet.

Since 2007, the Art Marketing Agency ( has been working with visual artists. Here’s the top misinformation and misconceptions that we get from our artists about selling their artworks online.

  • Myth #1: Online galleries charge a fee
    Reality: No. They are paid by their monthly Subscribers

    Myth #2: Your art could be stolen
    Reality: You have copyright protection and the imagery is LOW resolution to avoid reproductions

    Myth #3: Seller pays for shipping
    Reality: The buyers pays for shipping. The buyers also pays you “upfront” for the art purchase

    – you do not prepare anything or need to keep an inventory

    Myth #4: Best galleries are in the USA
    Reality: Not necessarily. The trend is that each Country has one top online gallery: ArtPrice in France, Saatchi in England, Artflakes in Berlin

    Myth #5:Online galleries don’t allow contact info (email,website) with the artists and “links”
    Reality: Online galleries that the Art Marketing Agency works with do permit this

    Myth #6: The exhibition are temporary and drop off after a few weeks
    Reality: Gallery exhibition(s) have NO termination date

    Myth #7: Build it (your art website) and they will com
    Reality: Not true. Exhibitions in worldwide gallery deliver a significant INCREASE in visitors to your art/photo website and is an excellent art marketing strategy.

    ” The path to success is to stop talking and start doing.”-Walt Disney

    With this new information, artists are now better prepared to get the art sales, collectors and art marketing success they deserve.
    •If you would like a free review and objective evaluation simply email your art, photography or website to :

    get started the world is waiting….

    prepared by:– the art marketing leader
    “your art marketing success is our business”

How to Sell and Market Your Art and Photography Online Successfully for Exposure and Worldwide Sales



art adart ad
send you art & photos samples to:

send you art & photos samples to:

 Dear Colleague in Art:

IF after evaluation of your work,the Art Marketing Agency may agree to offer you our HIGHEST sales performance guarantee of $1000.00 in online artwork sales of your work within 60 days.
  • We are 100% confident that we will deliver significant worldwide buyers and collectors of YOUR work.
  • We will professionally exhibit at least 100 of your artworks into the best 10 online galleries for worldwide exposure:24/7
  • Our clients average 127,000 views per artwork, per month!
Summary of our special offer to you:
•If you don’t achieve at least $1000.(USD) in artwork sales within 60 days of your 100 artworks exhibitions in the top ten (10) worldwide online galleries you will receive a complete NO questions-asked REFUND of your art marketing investment.
“The team at the Agency suggested 10 worldwide online galleries. My sales and web traffic have skyrocketed. Plus, they did all the work. You get alot. I recommend them.”- Isolda Mora Noli,Del Rey,Florida,

Fast & Easy “sign up” at: (cut & paste):
Note:100’s of Art Marketing Endorsements since 2007:
Questions or ideas: email us at:


Succesfull Art & Photography Marketing Tactics-How I Learned to Sell and Market My Fine Art and Photography Online

art ad12

Succesful Art Marketing-How I Learned to Sell and Market My Fine Art and Photography Online

Marketing and selling my fine art and photography was a challenging experience for me in today’s world of competitive arts marketing. Brick and mortar galleries were only accepting established artists. I had read about selling artworks online and how the online gallery market was rapidly growing for all artists.

Sure selling my photography online sounded like a good idea. After all, buyers could see my photography twenty-four hours a day and it could open my art to a whole new network of buyers

After all it was Degas said: “art is not what you see but what you make other s see” and the internet could provide the eyeballs I need to expand my art sales market.

I saw a discussion in one of my fine art LinkedIn group mentioned a free review and objective evaluation by a leading art marketing agency. So, I sent my portfolio and website to the marketing art solutions agency. at

I received may valuable tips,resources and suggestions from the agency. They suggested I post one hundred of my photos in the ten online galleries that they recommended. I learned that the online galleries they suggested were free as they are paid by their monthly subscribers.

The results were amazing. Almost immediately, I got some sales and visitors to my website increased significantly.

Surprisingly, the process of selling my photos online was easy.

Here’s how it works: the buyer saw my photos in the online gallery, paid for it by paypal, I then contacted the buyer about shipping and sent my photography unframed and rolled up in a tube.

Of course, as the agency suggested, the challenge is to turn the one time buyer into a regular collector of my artworks.

That’s a challenge I welcome.

For once I was ahead of the game!

I eventually, I actually found some real statistics about the rapid growing online art market from a recent report from IBISWorld, copyright 2013.

“predicts-growth-in-online-art-sales)estimates that the Online Art Sales industry in the U.S. was worth about $287.5 million in 2011. This figure includes the sale of original or limited-edition artwork through online galleries,online auctions, online art fairs, and online art dealing and trading.The sales figures included data from 716 businesses and covered the sale of paintings, drawings, sculpture,photographs, and other media.”

According to IBISWorld analysts, the market for online art sales has been growing in line with strong demand from overseas markets and increasing access to internet-basedretail outlets.The growth in art sales through e-commerce and online auctions is expected to continue through 2016, fueled by global growth in consumer spending and increased access through more broadband connections. Mobile apps are anticipated to provide further room for innovation in online art sales.”

A newsletter from the agency, has helped my keep in touch with the latest online art marketing news and trends.

To receive copies of the newsletter or submit your art or photography to the agency is:

How I Discovered a BETTER Way to Sell My Fine Art and Photography for Top Dollar

art ad

Online Art AUCTIONS can be very profitable! I figured why not sell and market my artworks and photography in an new type of Auction “for artists by artists”
After all,the leading art marketing service,the Art Marketing Agency,had introduced an Online Art Auction INNOVATION for emerging artists. This Auction seems to tip the balance in favor of the Artist to get fair values for their artworks.
I liked that New Modern Masters Auctions also provides “transparency” and delivers a much better (and more PROFITABLE) experience for Artists and Photographers including
Bidders may contact the artist directly- this is unheard of
Bidders may also visit the ARTIST website and portfolio- this is unprecedented!
I realized that in tradtional aucitons, artists  are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to “valuation” of their art to be able sell in an Auction.
The current Auction process dictates that artist “starting bid” and art valuation prices be “verified” based on the documented sales results in OTHER Auctions-not the real and actual values as determined by the Artist!
We’ll sell your Artworks in a New ONLINE Auction format (by artist for artists) for HIGHER art values AND based upon your suggested retail or your own sales “formula”- a much better “alternative” than selling in traditional Auctions.  . 

 ” In a market that purports to be transparent and offering disclosure of conflicts of interest, this is not a level playing field,” Mr. Hedges, the collector, said….New York Times article 
The current Auction process is a “catch 22” because Art Valuation services ONLY accept your art prices that can “verified” by sales results in OTHER Auctions- not the real and actual values determined by the Artist!
…consider this from a leading art valuation service since 1985:

“To obtain an auction valuation, you must send us by email all available evidence of results obtained through sales made through public or private auctions (auctioneers, bailiffs, or pages printed from websites).”
So,I signed up  at for FREE inclusion and “postings” into their Auction and to have them exhibit my artworks in worldwide Online galleries.

I liked  their Money Back Guarantee was that I got a refund if I did not sell at least $400.00 in 90 days and allthe great “testimonials.”

It would be great if my art would be seen by MILLIONS of art buyers within ten (10) days!
A sample of one of their art clients ONLINE galleries also helped me see whay mny gallery would liook like. 

As a Art Marketing Agency client, i am not only in the Auction but also I received all  the many tools and benefits (SDEO, emails,postings) of being a client of the Art Marketing Agency at :  

My sales and website visitors have “skyrocketed”. all because I “googled” sell my art.

Where to Sell Your photos and Art Online

Where to Sell Your photos and SArt Online

I had accumulated thousand of photos and I finally decided to put them to work f or me in in Online galleries.

I had heard about the  the rapid growth of buying and selling art and photography in online galleries,so I decided that NOW the time to consider a serious ONLINE marketing strategy to sell my photos of my pets,vacations,travel art,family for extra profits and recognition.

As Edgar Degas observed:

“Art is not what you see see,but what you make others SEE.” ….ow could he have known that ONLINE galleries may be the ideal medium to promote yourself and sell MORE of your art and photography-worldwide 24/7?

Do you know that some estimates suggest buying artworks online may account for half (50% ) of all arts sales in the near future?

Simply,take a look at recent developments about selling art online:

* Christie’s Auciton House, NYC, announced selling art online to reach a broader worldwide,WSJ Marketplace Sept 6,2012

* Costco sells more art ONLINE than in their aisles:New York Times:Shopping List:Tuna Detergent,a Warhol? Oct 21,2012

* October 26,the Washington Post reports INCREASE in younger art collectors and philanthropist

I heard about the Art Marketing Agency and how they help people sell their pictures in online galleries in an article in the

The Boston Globe:

They said they even had one gallery they work with in France that has registered art buyers and has 2 millions to their website a month.

A recent article includes statistics from a recent IBIS Research about the rapid growth of buying and selling artworks ONLINE

So I wondered,what contributed to the Rapid Growth in Buying and Selling Art ONLINE?

i found out there are many  other reasons buying online made sense including

the easy and increased (worldwide) access to the Internet:worldwide 24/7

and importantly their RETURN Policies:

Seems today’s ONLINE galleries allow the Buyers to buy and evaluate the artworks in their home or office and return it -they simply pay shipping and restocking fees….

I visited the Agency website and liked what I saw. I also liked that they do “all the work.”

I simply send them the jpeg photos with a description and the size and prices I reuire and they do all the rest.

Immediately I noticed alot more “visitors”to my website and even got name to follow with for future sales.

I look forward to a day when I can show my family my first check or my namein print as a photo credit.

Heres the link to the Art Marketing Agencies Photographer Inflammation  link:

Good luck and why not put your photos to work for you?

Online Galleries are the Key to Art Marketing Success in Todays Market

“Online Galleries are the ideal medium to sell and market artworks to ALL kinds of buyers,24 hours a day-worldwide”

tuck tucker,Director,

How to Sell Art and Photography in Online Galleries: Deliver Results 24/7,Worldwide Buyers

Rapid Growth of Online Galleries Present Opportunities and Challenges for Today’s Artists, Photographers and Art Professionals
The Art Marketing Agency introduces innovative advertising programs for art professionals and photographers to achieve online marketing success, connect with worldwide buyers 24 hours a day and a valuable new E-book

Rapid Growth of Online Galleries Present Opportunities and Challenges for Today’s Artists, Photographers and Art Professionals


The Art Marketing Agency introduces innovative advertising programs for art professionals and photographers to achieve online marketing success, connect with worldwide buyers 24 hours a day and a valuable new E-book

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Quote start“The growth of online galleries has enabled artists and photographers to sell their artwork worldwide, twenty four hours a day to all types of buyers.” Tuck Tucker, Agency DirectorQuote end

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) July 12, 2012

The Art Marketing Agency unveiled several online art gallery marketing innovations to help meet the challenges in today’s art market.

The leading art marketing agency will match artwork to the best performing online gallery and its buyers. Clients can now successfully showcase their art and “connect” to art buyers using worldwide online art galleries twenty four hours a day.

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”-Andy Warhol

Its a fact, online galleries are good for today’s art business. There are more than two hundred worldwide online galleries with an influence that now plays a significant role in the success for any artist or art collector.

In the past, artists have invested their valuable time and money attempting to find the “right” online galleries to sell their work without much success.

The new service is designed to enable artists to “optimize” their marketing while effectively reaching the best art buyers at online galleries to showcase their work.

“We recognized that success in selling art online means knowing exactly what online galleries and their buyers are the best fit for specific styles, medium. Our services are specifically designed to match the characteristics of the online gallery, and its audience, with the artwork,” observed Tuck Tucker Agency Director at the Art Marketing Agency, Sarasota, Fl. (

The Agency also announced it will now offer its valuable printed directory (and E Book) about online galleries that analyses characteristics and provides information about hundreds of galleries to its subscribers. The Guide assists art professionals to meet the challenges of today’s international art market with important information about each gallery.

The Art Marketing Agency services enables artists,photographers and art collectors to work with an expert,objective team that will provide a portfolio and website review with an informative consultation. The agency then develops specific marketing plans to match the artist style and vision with the right online gallery.

The agency also provides a written summary that includes information about what “specific” online galleries to match their artwork, ideas about how to “optimize” their art marketing, a review of your pricing structure for the artwork, even setting up the client artwork in the online gallery salon.

From Karen T. in Arlington, Virginia, photographer: “The agency suggested I shift from 2 pay galleries to 5 non-pay and I am making more sales and saving money. What I liked is that their services are turnkey- they really did all the work to set me up with the online galleries after the consultation. Thanks Art Marketing for making my life and art marketing a lot more successful.”

Ron W. Miami FL, Fine Artist Portraiture, remarked about the new services: “I was looking for a better way to sell my art.It was just too time-consuming and frustrating to know what online galleries to work with. The team at the agency have given me better online sales options. I recommend them.”

The artist or art collector may choose one of several consultation plans ($50 to $150) to review all aspects of their artwork including their website and marketing ideas.

A valuable written summary and recommendations is provided to all clients.

Novice and beginner photographers may also put their family and travel photos to work.
The agency will post a limited number of their photos from fifteen to twenty five dollars and may include a website. Novice photograph program details are available the

“Amateur and novice photoraphers may be sitting on a gold mine,”observed,Tucker

For more details about the new service: please Contact:Tuck Tucker: Agency Director at:239 250 4920

email: ArtPromotionServices(at)gmail(dot)com – Sarasota, Florida USA or BestArtmarketing(at)gmail(dot)com

            regards, Tuck Tucker, Agency Director
  tel:*239.250.4920*   E:
  Business Profile:
     “art advertising’s premier art marketing resource” 

Amateur and Novice Photographers May be Sitting on a Gold Miine

Amateur photographers can now put their photos to work in online photo
galleries for profits and recognition

Instead of gathering dust in a photo album,The Art Marketing Agency
announced they will post images from amateur photographers to online
photography galleries.

Today’s amateur and novice photographers may be sitting on a gold mine.

“Why shouldn’t everyday photographers get more use out of their travel
and family photo collections? Online galleries deliver a whole new
market and audience for all kinds of photographs.” observed Tuck
Tucker, agency director at the Art Marketing Agency,Sarasota, Fl.

The rapid growth of online art and photography galleries presents
opportunities to market photography around the world to all types of
buyers twenty four hours a day. Its now easy to put photos to work
instead of gathering dust in a photo album for CD.

Online photo galleries need all types of photos for clip art,stock
photos,backgrounds,reference,and for collectors.Popular subjects
include photos animals,scenic
special occasions,weather,abstracts,still life,you name it.

The agency does all the work by posting the images in the best online
galleries for a small,one time fee.There are no additional charges.

If needed,the Agency will also set up a photography web site. Posting
fees range from $15. for three,six photos for $25., and post fifteen
photos for $50.
The most popular program is for fifteen photos for only $75. and
includes a free photo website. Friends and family can then view
photography collections at the website.

The photographer is paid royalties and commissions via an account such
as Paypal. Many online galleries print and ship the photos directly to
the buyer.

To get started,photographers should sign up and send their photos

Details about this special program are available at the companies

The Art Marketing Agency is the leading fine art and photography
marketing service posting fine art images for artists in worldwide
fine art galleries.

For more details,please contact: Tuck Tucker, 239.250.4920

Start selling your Family & Travel photos today

email: bestartmarketing@gmail.comImageImage