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Here’s my GasPupBuddie at work

Here's my GasPupBuddie at work

even pumps gas faster and safer, gets me away fro toxic fumes, I can better enjoy my truip..

My Gas Pump “fuel up” PROBLEM Solved! Finally,NO more TOXIC,smelly fumes,Save me time and money,”full service” every fuel stop

myGasBuddie at work- pumps gas Faster and Safer!

I looked for a better way to fuel up my tank, I hated being “held hostage” to the gas pumop wevery fuel stop, then I found this ingenious Gas Pump Travel Accessory Makes Every Drivers Stop Full Service and Saves Time and Money

The Smart Way to pump your gas. America’s favorite travel accessory. Ingenious device automatically pumps gas for you. 

Today’s drivers never have to babysit and waste time pumping their own gas again. No more over fills, spills, and wasted gas resulting in savings at every fuel stop. GasPumpBuddie drivers have more free time to safety check their vehicle’s tires, wipers oil and engine.

TheGasPumpBuddie inserts easily and works for boats, trucks,campers and RV’s. Makes a great, unique gift and stocking stuffer. (

GasPumpBuddie,Inc.announced today a unique travel accessory that allows travelers more freedom at the every fuel stop.

An ingenious. specially designed device, GasPumpBuddie easily inserts between the gas pump handle and its base while automatically pumping and cutting off gas flow. Drivers can now pump their gas smarter.

The ingenious tool expedites the free flow of gas eliminating the need for consumers to hold and babysit the gas pump handle to pump their gas. Users save valuable travel time and money since they never overfill,spill and waste gas!

GasPumpBuddie automatically adjusts the gas flow pressure and releases the pump handle to terminate the fill process. GasPumpBuddie is specially designed and tested to “cut off” automatically freeing drivers from pumping gas themselves.

GasPumpBuddie also has proven to pump gas faster than a normal operating gas pump operation every fuel up is now “full service.”

“Why be held hostage at the fuel pump? Drivers can now get away from the pump,perform safety checks, shop, relax and have a better overall travel experience,” observed Bill Tucker, its inventor.
The amazing travel accessory also provides health benefits reducing drivers exposure to toxic fumes while standing near the gas pump.

GasPumpBuddie allows travelers the convenience to get away from exposure to fumes and gas odors. Drivers are then free to safety check their car, shop, relax and better enjoy their travel.Personal safety is another benefit.

Drivers can now go inside the gas station reducing vulnerability to strangers or car jacking and out of bad weather.

“I feel safer with my GasBuddie. It gets me out of bad weather.I hated standing there wasting my time filling up my tank,” stated user, Katrine Karley, Sarasota, Fl.

“GasBuddie gives me peace of mind. I can better watch my kids during a fuel up. Even go inside,shop, relax and away from danger and intruders.” EBay Customer.

GasPumpBuddie also works on boats, trucks,campers and RVs saves even more time since the gas tanks are larger.

GasPumpBuddier retails for only $6.95. for one,$12.95 for two plus $4.95 shipping & handling The Internet “special” and best value is to purchase three (3) for ONLY $19.95 includes FREE shipping

GasPumpBuddie makes a great gift and stocking stuffer.
GasPumpBuddie also works on boats, trucks,campers and RVs saves even more time since the gas tanks are larger.

More Information: Contact Inventor: Tuck Tucker: 239.250.4920 – e mail:
visit: for all details