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How I Learned How to Sell My Photos,Art and Artworks in Worldwide Online Galleries

Sure online galleries sounded like a good idea. After all, online
galleries would  enable art buyers and collectors to see my artwork
worldwide,twenty four hours a day.

Sure sounds like a great vehicle to  to sell my and photography collections
to me….

Then I the found a press release from

that stated that today:

” there are more than two hundred worldwide online
galleries and they can  play a significant role in the success for any
artist,photographer or art collector.”

Even the late Andy Warhol was encouraging me to try to expand my art marketing business and efforts.

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making
money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”-Andy Warhol

Eventually, I actually  found some real Statistics about his growing art market from a
recent report from IBISWorld (the report:

“predicts-growth-in-online-art-sales)estimates that the Online Art
Sales industry in the U.S. was worth about $287.5 million in 2011. This
figure includes the sale of original or limited-edition artwork
through online galleries,online auctions, online art fairs, and online
art dealing and trading.The sales figures included data from 716
businesses and covered the sale of paintings, drawings, sculpture,
photographs, and other media.”

According to IBISWorld analysts, the
market for online art sales has been growing in line with strong
demand from overseas markets and increasing access to internet-based
retail outlets.The growth in art sales through e-commerce and online auctions is
expected to continue through 2016, fueled by global growth in consumer
spending and increased access through more broadband connections.
Mobile apps are anticipated to provide further room for innovation in
online art sales.”

Here is a link a copy of that report:

So, I am happy to report that I am seeing sales and getting checks and payments from all around the
world  from several of the online galleries. The visits to my ar website has INCREASED also.
I even hired to “post and describe my art, so
I dont have to take the time to do that do that my self anymore.

As Degas said: “art is not what you see,but what you make others see.”
and YES online galleries do deliver the eyeballs and opportunities.

Need More info or details? contact me at:
 239 250 4920 * Sarasota Fla USA-Billy Tucker- Fine Art Photographer

Will a NEW website attract art galleries and private collectors to the one of a kind photo realism collection:the signs of the times?

The new website  ( presenting the Signs of the Times photo documentary Collection and anthology captures and preserves the “universal language” of SIGNS- commercial artifacts, human expresionism, commercial folkart and Americana. A one of a kind “photo realism” Collection,Documented over 28 years and in 43 states, Billy Tucker has preserved a slice of time in America that no longer exists- in fact, 85% of the sign imagery preserved in the Collection are “gone forever.” No other photogrpher has “captured” and preserved our past consumer culture,folkart, commercial nostalgia and popular expressionism. Mr Tucker has captured and features one of the top collections of Neon in existence. The Signs of the Times collection,over 300 images, is a powerful form of “photo realism.” Billy Tucker resides in Sarasota Florida and is seeking gallery representaiton,photo exhibits and photo assignments. All,or, part of the Collection are for sale or exhibition.